Baby dolphin dies after tourists take it out of the sea for SELFIES


A baby dolphin has died after a group of ignorant tourists took it out of the water so they could have their photographs taken with the poor animal. The little mammal died on a beach in Argentina as people tried to touch it and snap images.

Holidaymakers pulled the dolphin from the sea on the beach at San Bernardo, close to Buenos Aires, after he came close to the shore. A witness said that the creature was still breathing and could have been returned to the photo, but that people crowded round and began to try to touch him and take photos.

Second incident in a year

It is the second time in the space of 12 months that a baby dolphin has died on the beach in Argentina as a result of the action of tourists desperate to take photos. This latest incident follows a similar tragedy in February last year when a little dolphin died of dehydration after people carried it around before simply abandoning it on the beach. That earlier incident took place in Santa Teresita. Tourists said that the animal was already dead before they started to pass it around, but it is thought that the mammal actually quickly overheated after being out of the water for too long. At the time, the World Wildlife Fund said it hoped people would learn from the incident.

Animal experts at National Geographic said that social media has changed the way people interact with wild animals, because they are desperate to get a photo so they can post on Instagram. The publication said: “What you don’t see is the suffering that lies behind the images,” adding: “Slow lorises, raccoon dogs, and pygmy marmosets are just a few of the wild animals that have become famous by posing and interacting with people on YouTube and other social media sites.”