Avocado seed husks rich in medicinal compounds


An unprecedented study has just revealed the effectiveness of avocado seed husks. Researchers have studied the compositions of the avocado seed husks and found the flaky coatings to be rich in vital chemical components. It was found that compounds that could be useful in the cure of cancers, heart problems and other health conditions.

The study was led by the researchers from the Texas Rio Grande Valley University, who were curious to know if there was any useful thing that have been discarded all these while when we slice our avocados and dispose of the seeds. As such, the ground up to 300 dried avocado seed husks to form 21 ounces of powder. These ounces of powder was made into seed husk wax and oil.

Components of the avocado husks

The research team discovered about 16 compounds in the wax and 116 compounds using gas chromatography, most of these compounds are not present in the avocado seeds. The compounds include behenyl alcohol – good for anti-viral medications; dodecanoic acid – cuts down the risk of atherosclerosis; and heptacosane – possibly inhibits the growth of a tumor.

The research team also found a plasticizer, benzyl butyl phthalate which is good in improving the flexibility of different products such as medical devices and shower curtains. The scientists found other compounds that could be helpful in the food additives niche and cosmetics too, giving the hope that the bounds of the research go beyond the medical sector.

The lead author of the research, Dr Debasish Bandyopadhyay said that it’s most possible that the avocado seed husks most people see as wastes could be the light in the treatment of cancer, heart problems and other health conditions. He went on to say that their research shows that the avocado seed husks are a possible source of chemicals useful in industrial products including plastics.

The research has given the basis on which further modifications can be made to cause more effective medications with fewer side effects. The research team is unveiling the findings at the National Meeting & Exposition, the 254th, of the American Chemical Society.