Australia Shutdown Thousands Of Pirates Website


An Australia’s federal court has passed a decree that internet service providers (ISPs) should shut down dozens of well-known pirate web platforms.

The decree will stop users from getting entry into 59 streaming websites and illegal torrent, which are RARBG, Putlocker, EZTV, YTS, 1337x and Demonoid.

About 160 sites have been shut down in two court decree, as well as other easy access sites to Pirate Bay.

The call for the blockade was made by Australian broadcaster Foxtel and film studio Village Roadshow.

A lot of pirate sites have now been outlawed in the country, with two recent court cases taking its number of site shut down in Australia to a total of 340.

Australia has battled with many citizens who have a high tendency for “illegal downloading of material”.

Australia Intensifies Piracy Law

Australia is the “Worst country for illegal piracy on the planet”. Attorney General George Brandis told reporters in 2014.
The Australian government wrote on its website. Any citizen caught aiding pirated items will be fined A$117,000 (£72,000) – five times more than any corporations – as well as get a jail term.

The Hollywood studio that supports the US film Dallas Buyers Club in 2016 said that it’s not going to step up the piracy case that was put in motion against Australians charged of downloading film “illegally”.

The studio in its statement said during when it singles out 4,726 exclusive IP addresses from which the film had been put online through a peer-to-peer file-sharing network and BitTorrent.