Astronomy: The lord of the rings calls


Australian astronauts found the Southern Cross high above in the evening with shining stars that streak the milky. Here is it, there is a new ringed planet Saturn, and it will impress you to know about it. With your binoculars, you will find the yellowish starlike light rising in the east some hours after sunset.

You can download SkyView on your phone to help you a great deal. Telescope lovers will not fail to tell you that the most impressive thing to watch on the sky is Saturn.
Australian Science Magazine’s Dave Reneke pointed out that Saturn in an engaging light even in a little telescope although your local viewing conditions go an extent in determining what you see. With any telescope, you can find a yellow filter that brightens the whole planet somewhat.
You can get affordable planetary filters from a standard online shop that sells telescope. Dave further stated that people feel amazed as they confirm that Saturn is there whenever he shows them for the first time. He also made it known that one who views Saturn via a telescope could get hooked on astronomy – it happened to him.

Speaking of the best time to see the Saturn, he said that the time is now because the rings are tilted towards our direction and are growing wider. Consequently, this is the best time ever in three decades to do the viewing. Unlike in 2009 when the rings were edge and made telescopic viewing of the Saturn impossible.
When you visit your local astronomy club, you can always have a lot of telescopes to view Saturn as well other goodies to explore and enjoy the sky. You need to know that Saturn is so light that it will float if you had put it in a big ocean. The characteristic rings of Saturn are entirely made of ice that is about 10 meters.

What caused the rings?

Astronauts share the idea that a giant comet on a crash destroyed near the planet resulting in numerous bits of dust, ice, and dirt. Dave said that Saturn is the second biggest planet in the solar system capable of containing over 750 Earths. Little wonder it is called the Lord Of the Rings.