Ashley Madison offers Compensation for hack victims


The owner of the Ashley Madison infidelity web platform, which was attacked amid July 2015, has proposed compensation to the people that were affected by the hack.

Millions of user’s had their personal information hijacked when the website, which supports people to cheat on their partners, was violated.

Ruby Life has placed forward $11.2m (£8.5m) to settle a number of class actions.

Some of the money will be used to pay up those with a “lawful claim”.

The Ultimate Dating Site

Ashley Madison was a dating web platform for people who already had are in a relationship but are looking to have an affair outside their relationship with their partner.

Amid in July 2015, its systems were breached and information of 33 million user’s accounts was placed via online.

The data contains marital status, addresses, birth dates, sexual interests and names.

Ruby Life, the firm behind the website, now faces legal action from members who insist the data breach has caused them both identity theft and financial loss.

Ruby Life was well recognized as Avid Dating Life at the time of when Ashley Madison data was violated.

The rebranded firm labels itself as an “industry leader in open-minded dating services” and still promotes Ashley Madison on its site.

Ruby Life in a statement describes “The parties have agreed to the arranged settlement in order to prevent any trouble, expense, and uncertainty related to continued lawsuit.”