Artificial Intelligence Predicts When Patients Will Die At 69% Accuracy


A new scientific study shows that Artificial Intelligence is now able to estimate how long patients have left to live at a 69 percent accuracy.

The Study

According to a study by scientists at Adelaide University, artificial intelligence estimated when patients would pass away within the upcoming 5 years at a 69 % accuracy. According to researchers, this is at the same level of accuracy as a medical doctor.

The Artificially Intelligent machine was given CT scans of 48 patients’ chests. The machine then sifted through large amounts of data to detect any strange anomalies. The machine picked up a overall of 15,957 features and then estimated how much longer the patients have left to live.

The Scientists On the Finding

“Predicting the future of a patient is useful because it may enable doctors to tailor treatments to the individual.” said Dr.Oakden-Rayner, the lead scientists in the study. “The accurate assessment of biological age and the prediction of a patient’s longevity has so far been limited by doctors’ inability to look inside the body and measure the health of each organ.”

“Although for this study only a small sample of patients was used, our research suggests that the computer has learnt to recognize the complex imaging appearances of diseases, something that requires extensive training for human experts.” he added

“Instead of focusing on diagnosing diseases, the automated systems can predict medical outcomes in a way that doctors are not trained to do, by incorporating large volumes of data and detecting subtle patterns.”

“Our research opens new avenues for the application of artificial intelligence technology in medical image analysis, and could offer new hope for the early detection of serious illness, requiring specific medical interventions.”

Other AI Advancements

Artificial Intelligence is a promising field for the future, although it comes with many criticisms and warnings. At Stanford University, researchers have also managed to develop an AI that can identify skin cancer from images as accurately as doctors.