Apple is facing US government investigation into Qualcomm’s legal attack


The US International Trade Commission, which has the power to prohibit the entry of goods into the country, confirmed on Tuesday that Qualcomm will investigate allegations that Apple technology is using Intelli-based cellular modems for iPhone that are unlawfully equipped. Qualcomm asks all iPhone with Intel modems to block this work on AT & T and T-Mobile networks.

The main US agency has officially entered into a dispute between Apple and Qualcomm

Although there is no specific deadline, ITC said the deadline for completing the investigation would be within 45 days after the start. Don Rosenberg, Qualcomm’s general counsel, said in July that any ITC decision is unlikely to happen for about 18 months.

ITC is involved in the drama in the last leg of the law, sparked by Apple Qualcomm, which started when Apple decided it was too high for Qualcomm to pay for mobile technology. Apple thinks it should be paid based on royalties on modem values, and Qualcomm claims to be based on the phone’s value, taking into account all other technologies, contributed to the development.

Going to ITC is a common tactic when involved in multiple patrons’ battles, as the ability to ban the product is often devastating enough for both parties to attend the negotiating table. The ITC often solves the dispute resolution before enforcing a ban on technology companies.

This is the common path for Qualcomm, the world’s widest provider of mobile chips, which is not a stranger to patent battles. The company filed a lawsuit against ITC in July, accusing Apple of violating six mobile patents. Ban will allow the iPhone to use its own chips to enter the United States. These models run on Verizon and Sprint networks.

“Qualcomm is pleased with the decision of ITC, dishonest commercial practices of Apple and unauthorized imports of Qualcomm product patents for investigations,” said Don Rosenberg, Executive Vice President and Qualcomm General Counsel. “We expect a quick investigation of Apple’s continued violation of our intellectual property and an accelerated relief can afford the Commission.”

Intel refused to comment

Told Apple that the statement of June: “Illegal business practices of Qualcomm hurt Apple and the industry to provide us with one component to connect, but for years it needs a percentage of the total cost of our products – effectively cast the innovation of Apple ..”

Apple actually has support from companies such as Google’s parent’s letter, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, which would forbid bribery of customers. Intel also criticized as damaging to the competition suit. Qualcomm told critics of its application, the Commission was wrongly determined and the action was not about competing with Intel.