Apple, Google and Uber Announce They Will Not Assist in Muslim Registry


A spokesman for Google has said that they are not aware of any serious attempts to start a ‘Muslim Registry’ and that if they were asked they would refuse. Apple and Uber also stated their positions that they would not assist in creating it either.
Amazon, however, has not commented on the matter even after being requested multiple times for comments. Oracle has also been silent, which has come at a peculiar time as the CEO has joined the transition team for President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump’s Policies

Trump has flirted with the idea of creating a Muslim registry. It came up in the context of the migration crisis and an increase in global terrorist attacks executed by Islamic extremists.
There was recently a high-profile summit at the Trump Tower where the CEOs of Alphabet, Apple, Oracle, Microsoft, Palantir and the COO of Facebook attended. Though initially unresponsive, Facebook and Microsoft stated that they would not help construct the proposed database.
Although Edward Snowden had leaked documents that there was a secret program called PRISM that collects data from tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft; Alphabet CEO (parent company of Google) had denied this. Apple as well, which had famously resisted calls from federal investigators to unlock an iPhone connected with the San Bernardino attacks has also denied this.
CEO of Oracle, Safra Catz, alleged that she actually wanted to discuss how the new administration could help tech companies and the industry in general through reducing regulations and changing tax code. Trump, before the summit, also declared a list of business advisors who would meet regularly with him in the form of advisory meetings.
Nevertheless, earlier this week more than 1,000 employees from tech companies including Google, Apple, Uber, and Amazon have signed a pledge that they would not assist in building a Muslim registry.