Apple Debunk iPhone 8 Claim


In the last few months, there have been rumours surrounding the where the Touch ID fingerprint will be placed on the iPhone 8 and it is beginning to intensify.

The fact that the new iPhone will come in an enhanced bezel design which is similar to the new Samsung Galaxy is well known. But there is no indication as to where the Touch ID feature will be placed on the device. Reports in some quarters state that it will be in the same spot as all Apple device while others believe an OLED display will be inserted into the device with no Touch ID.

No Major Changes

While it would be more exciting for iPhone to explore the second option. The possibilities are quite slim as Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that it is only a rumour although he confirmed that it will come in bezel-less design are true.

This means iPhone will maintain one of the basic features if it’s device on the iPhone 8. But there is no guarantee that it will be placed on its normal spot or at the back of the smartphone.

However, nothing will be clear until Apple decides to unveil the newest series in its iPhone collection but it is not expected that any major exterior changes will be made.