A pit bull has mauled a family – which tried to put him in a christmas jumper


    A dog turned on three members of a family after they tried to put a Christmas jumper on him. The pit bull, called Scarface, attacked as his owner Brenda Guerrero, 52, tried to put a festive outfit on him.

    Clearly, he was not in a festive mood as he attacked her biting her on the arm. Her husband Ismael, 46, then stepped in and tried to protect his wife. At this point, Scarface began to attack him too.

    The couple’s son, Antoine Harris, 22, then rushed to their aid, stabbing the pet in his neck and head and all three were able to get back into the house, leaving the dog in the back yard. Police officers and officials from the Hillsborough County Animal Control service were called to assist.


    Officers shot the dog with a tranquiliser dart, but it managed to run back into the house, where there were young children. Police then decided to use both a bean bag gun and a Taser to stop the dog from continuing its rampage.

    According to Tampa Police, the dog was “pretty agressive”. When officers tasered the dog, it was able to release prongs from the taser. The husband and wife have both been taken to hospital for treatment to dog bites. While Mrs Guerrero’s injuries are understood to be serious, they are not life threatening. Her husband suffered less severe injuries during the incident. Currently, Scarface is with animal control. It is not clear yet whether he will be put to sleep.

    While clothing for dogs has become big business in recent years, animal welfare experts say the practice could be cruel, because it could lead to pets overheating. The RSPCA in Britain says it is like leaving dogs in cars during hot weather. Other experts have also said that making dogs wear clothes is demeaning.