A millionaire who spent his childhood sleeping rough is offering a FREE flat to someone in need


A self made millionaire who got off to a rough start in life is giving away an apartment to someone in need. Forty eight year old Marco Robinson will give away the flat, which is worth £120,000. Situated in Preston, Lancashire, it is fully furnished and has three bedrooms, and Mr Robinson is even planning to pay the council tax.

The person who wins will be chosen as part of a Channel 4 documentary Mr Robinson is taking part in. The entrepreneur has a tricky start to life himself, and spent his early years sleeping rough along with his mother.

However, Mr Robinson has totally transformed his fortunes. He now owns a staggering 150 properties across the globe. Now a father of two he said when he asked for help, he received it from the most unlikely of people, adding that while he had put in a lot of hard work, he had now been successful and made a lot of money. He explained that he began to invest his profits into property and learned where the best places to buy were to make sure that he got a good return on investment.

Lucky break

He said he had decided to give something back now he was in a position to do so. He said that he felt he had been given a lucky break when he began in business, and he wanted to do the same for someone else.

Mr Robinson said that he knew the trouble was going to be choosing just one candidate from so many people. Currently, he has been involved in discussions with homeless and community groups and has also been speaking to local people, including shopkeepers to find out what the situation is like on the ground. He said that he knew there were big issues with affordability because people trying to get a foot on the housing ladder could not manage to save up a deposit.