A few displaced ribs and five fractured ribs suffered by Rand Paul


Following the assault by his neighbor at his Bowling Green home that took place on Friday, it has been reported that Sen. Rand Paul had about five of his ribs fractured and as a result, it is not yet certain when he would be able to return to office in Washington.

“About five ribs of his were fractured, not to mention the case of displaced fractures which numbers three,” Doug Stratford revealed on Sunday in a statement, Stafford is the chief political strategist to him. “This manner of injuries is made possible by the impact of a high-velocity force that is severe. We don’t yet know when he will be able to return to work.”

Rene Boucher, as reported by authorities, attacked the senator from behind at past 3 in the afternoon, which left the senator reeling on the floor with blood flowing from cuts incurred near his mouth. The 59-year-old assailant has been apprehended and charged with assault to the fourth-degree, a sentence which could earn him almost a year behind bars.

The reason for the altercation on Friday has not yet been disclosed by the authorities. The senator was said to have been blindsided, a spokeswoman revealed on Saturday.

In a statement released on Sunday, the fractures sustained by the senator was said to be more, posing some more severe health concerns possibly.

“When a rib fractures, such occasion could make room for more severe occurrences such as hemopneumothorax, pneumonia, internal bleeding, and pneumothorax” Stafford shared. “This manner of injury is often accompanied by pain so severe that could last for months.”

The Senator’s plans

Rand’s GOP prior to the assault planned to take their overhaul in tax this month, of which they are working hard to pass using a speedy legislative procedure.

The senator has shown clearly that he is willing to, just like the health care fight, use his resources and leverage to sway the tax bill of the Senate to a direction that is more conservative. Pushing for more courts in the bills gotten, and also deactivating the individual mandate to purchase insurance for health that is stipulated by ObamaCare.