A police detective that was off-duty and with his was injured with 4 other people, by a flash mob attack. The attack happened in downtown Philadelphia, amongst a crowd of juveniles. It was reported by police that the juveniles were crowded around Walnut and 16th street. This a popular area for shopping and dining. It was on Saturday, around 6 p.m. when people were assaulted on the street by random people.

The 55-year old police detective spotted a couple in their 20s being assaulted. Although off-duty, he attempted to arrest one of the attackers. This led to people attacking the detective, from behind. In an attempt to protect her husband, the 53-year old wife of the detective threw water on those that were attacking him. In response, they punch the detective’s wife in the face. Afterwards, the attackers fled the scene.

Four of the victims that were attacked went to the hospital. Another assault occurred nearby, which led to two 16-year old juveniles being arrested. This left a total of six people being injured. The off duty detective suffered an orbital fracture on his right eye. The other people suffered minor injuries. WPVI-TV learned that one of the individuals said they feared for their lives, when the swarm of teens appeared and began to approach them. As they approached, the frightened individual saw a number of people run into stores that were nearby.

Another person shared, “It’s crazy out here. I don’t know if they were trying to protest or ‘flash mobbing’. But, it’s not the right way to do it; whatever it is.” Due to no type of symbol or actual organization, people are not sure if the attack was an extension of the political protest or if they were random juveniles that were going around, causing trouble.