2017 “New Years Eve” Times Square Ball Has been Delivered


In preparation for the infamous 2017 celebrations at Times Square in NYC, the New Year’s Eve ball has arrived. The new ball is reportedly covered in over 2,600 Waterford crystals, featuring a new crystal design called the Gift of Kindness.

The new ball serves as an exciting point of anticipation for the New Year’s celebrations at Times Square.


The ball is a “geodesic sphere,” covered in 2,600 Waterford crystals, illuminated by thousands of LED lights. It’s approximately 12 feet in diameter and weighs around 11,875 pounds. According to the Times Square Alliance, the crystal features 288 crystals cut into rosettes serving as symbols for unity.


This infamous NYC tradition dates all the way back to the 19th century. However, this didn’t originally start as a New Years Eve celebration.

What were called “time balls”, were once lowered daily in harbors in order to indicate a certain time of day in order to help ships set their chronometers, which aided their navigation.

It then began to be a New Years Eve custom in 1907, in a party to celebrate the new year hosted by New York Times.

The ball had been redesigned several times, including this year. It was originally made up of iron, wood and 25-watt light bulbs. Now the newest edition of the ball has arrived, preparing for a spectacular celebration.

A couple of days ago a massive 2017 sign has been noticed on the roof of One Times Square, where the ball drops during Dick Clark’s Rocking’ New Year’s Eve 2017.

Many people including celebrities, politicians, popular comedians and political satirists such as John Oliver and Trevor Noah have expressed how 2016’s unfortunate events have cast a negative feeling over the past year.

Hopefully celebrations in NYC as well as all over the country and the world will take the world to a better year in 2017.