2 death cases of babies left in hot cars recorded in Phoenix


Another case of kid death in hot cars was recorded in Phoenix within two days after an original incident. On Saturday, around 3:30 p.m, an eye witness called 911 following a case of a hot car. The fire officials and the Phoenix police arrived to the spot at Church of God Christ and declared the one year old Josiah Riggins dead.

Police says father left the baby in the car

According to a Phoenix police, Sgt. Mercedes Fortune, the deceased was under the custody of his father when he died. He added that the initial police investigation shows that the father of Josiah forgot the baby in the car for several hours and he became unresponsive.

Fortune further stated that investigators were still interrogating the parents to ascertain what actually happened. The car had been parked somewhere else before the father drove in. As such, the kid had not been left in the parking lot for several hours. As of Saturday night, there was no arrest.

Family members rallied at the church to stand by the family after the incident. According to a lady who claimed to be a cousin to Josiah’s father, Zettica Mitchell, the situation is sad, a tragedy and very shocking. She added that it’s something that anyone can encounter, and she has come to support the family. Zettica also said that she heard about a similar incident that happened on Friday.

Second death case from hot cars in just two days

Just about 24 hours after a death case from a hot car was recorded, Josiah also died from a similar case. According to the Phoenix police, the former case was the death of a 7-month-old Zane Endress who died in a hot car where she was left for over four hours. The tragic incident occurred in a car parked in northeast Phoenix.

The police reported that Zane was under the custody of his grandparents.
The most recent case of death due to hot cars marks the second time such tragic event happened in Maricopa County this year. Last year, there was a single death case recorded.

Fortune advised parents to always check for their kids at the back seats to avoid these tragedies. A 5-month old Israel Sebastian Avila died after he was left unattended for about four hours in a car. According to Peoria police officials, the baby was in the care of her aunt and her boyfriend. They drove the child’s mother to work, came back and parked forgetting the baby in the car. They got to realize that the baby was still in the car when they wanted to go and pick up the kid’s mother from work.