16 Year Old Girl Paralyzed After HPV Vaccine


Ruby Shallom, 16, received the HPV vaccine shot at her school, only to be hospitalized after she allegedly started to feel intense fatigue and dizziness and spasms in her abdomen.

Ruby then was paralyzed in over three of her limbs about two years later, when she woke up one day and claimed that she no longer felt any of her legs.

Ruby was a horse rider and over the course of the two years ever since she received the vaccine, her body started to deteriorate.

The HPV vaccine is given at her school as part of just a routine procedure.


The doctors at the hospital weren’t sure just as to what the root of the problem was, dismissing completely that there is any direct link between her status and the vaccine, so they stated it just had to be a psychological issue.

Although the HPV vaccine, controversial as it is has resulted in nausea and fevers, experts on this matter declare that there has been no evidence to prove it ever has resulted in anything more advanced or fatal then that.

Aron and Nicola, Ruby’s parents, state they are 100 percent confident that the paralysis has been as a direct result from the vaccination, and Aron expressed his utter disgust as to how the doctors simply did not go any deeper in their case and just dismissed her.

Ruby has received the vaccine over three times now, along with her classmates from school towards the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014.

“It needs to be recognized because they are still giving it out. It will continue to happen to more girls until they stop,” said Ruby as she expressed the daily pain she has been going through ever since this incident, and that her life as of now has taken a 360 degree turn, simply because of the HPV vaccine.