101 year old becomes Britain’s oldest convict after being found guilty of sex crimes


    A former lorry driver could now become the oldest person to ever be jailed in Britain after being found guilty of 21 child sex crimes. Ralph Clarke, 101, remained impassive as a jury delivered its guilty verdicts.

    Clarke, who served in the RAF during World War Two in his early 20s, was finally brought to justice after his victims plucked up the courage to tell officers what had happened to them when they spotted posts on social media celebrating Clarke’s 100th birthday. They said they felt compelled to come forward as he posted about what a great life he had had.

    His three victims cried with relief as the jury read out the verdicts at Birmingham Crown Court, hugging each other for support. Clarke had admitted carrying out nine sick sex offences against a boy when he was between nine and 14.


    Following his conviction, Clarke was remanded in custody. One victim said they hoped that he died behind bars and that he deserved to “rot in hell” for what he had done. His victims are now in their 40s and 50s.

    Clarke has now taken over paedophile Gaston Pinsard, from Guernsey, who is 96, as Britain’s oldest convict. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail for abusing two young girls more than half a century ago. Clarke is due to be sentenced on Monday.

    One of his female victims said she would always have to live with what had happened to her, but that Clarke’s conviction was a step towards getting some closure. Meanwhile, his youngest victim said she would never feel like she had got justice, especially as Clarke has never said sorry or expressed remorse for his depraved actions. The sick child abuser assaulted his three victims, who are siblings, in the cab of his lorry and also in a shed in the Seventies and Eighties, as well as in the bath and in bed.